This page displays an up-to-date listing of changes to our customer support web. We'll also place notices here regarding product updates, scheduled releases, or problems and work-arounds that may affect all customers. When bugs reported by our customers get fixed, we'll place a notice here, along with an estimate of when the fix will be shipped.

Last modified: 2003/08/05 15:03

  1. Customer support web placed on-line
  2. ComponentName made available for HTTP download
  3. Released ComponentName 0.2E.
  4. (31/03/99): Uploaded ComponentName component files.
  5. (22/04/99): Released Japanese Adjective Inflection Advisor(0.1w) - On-line beta version: IE5.x required.
  6. (01/05/99): Upgrade Web-based JP Verb Inflection Analyzer(0.6w), also JP Edition (JP Font required)
  7. (15/05/99): Released JP Adjective-Verb Inflection Advisor(0.1w) - JP-EN beta version (IE5.x and above)
  8. (21/05/99): Upgraded ComponentName JPVREV (minor bug fix)
  9. (28/04/00): Upload new free self-study materials
  10. (29/04/00): Start Japanese Proof-Reading service (Free Trial)
  11. (26/05/00): Add Verb Category Structure (J) as free stuff.